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Just like you, we dislike the new normal and long for a world without restrictions and rules. We crave our freedom and reckless life. We cannot wait for our next party and festival. We want to send a message out to the world that we're done waiting. We want to gain our liberties back.

On February 25, 2021, Mathias De Clercq (mayor of Ghent) banned the playing of electronically amplified music in the city. Time for a peaceful revolution!

On Wednesday 3 March we organize the online event 'I WANNA DANCE' with all students from Ghent (and far beyond). We ask you that afternoon from 13h to 14h to open the window of your room and point your speakers outwards and play the old Laserkraft 3D record 'nein mann ich will noch nicht gehen'! (

Let's show together that we don't agree with these new rules!

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