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Ok, we admit Generation Voodoo is born during lockdown and the current COVID19 pandemic. It's part of our heritage. So in the end it would be unfair to complain about restrictions, we never knew different.

There are however things we need to do different because they're just impossible to do in a normal way like a simple photoshoot. The current regulations don't allow us to organize a photoshoot as we would like to do it, but we wouldn't be Generation Voodoo if we wouldn't have a solution.

To solve the problem we decided to organize the very first Lockdown Fashion Shoot. So how does it work?

- We're looking for 10 models worldwide that will receive a package with samples with instructions from our creative team.

- We ask our selected models to follow the instructions added to the samples and use their own creativity and imagination. Photo's can be taken by their mobile devices or smartphone.

- When ready the photos can be send to our creative team in high resolution.

- Once received our creative team will select the received photos to use in our online communication, look book and marketing assets.

- After the shoot you can keep the samples!

Interested to participate in the worlds first Lockdown Fashion Shoot? Contact our creative team via Send us your motivation, some recent photos and the link to your instagram account. When interested our creative team will get in touch with you!

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